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Wicker Baskets and Trays

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SKU: 77-8206-10
10 x Oval Wicker Basket - 26x20x8cm (light brown)
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5005
Openweave Wicker Tray Basket - 23x18x5cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5006
Openweave Wicker Tray Basket - 25x19x5cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5007
Openweave Wicker Tray Basket - 30x25x6cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5008
Openweave Wicker Tray Basket - 35x28x6cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5011
Openweave Wicker Tray Basket - 42x33x7cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5012
Openweave Wicker Tray Basket - 48x39x9cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-8206
Oval Wicker Basket - 26x20x8cm (light brown)
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-8207
Oval Wicker Basket with Handles - 31x21x9cm (light brown)
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-6205
Premium Wicker SHOPPER with Folding Handles - LARGE NATURAL 41cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-6206
Premium Wicker SHOPPER with Folding Handles - LARGE VINTAGE BROWN 41cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5265
Steamed Wicker Basket /Tray - 30x20x7cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5267
Steamed Wicker Basket /Tray - 36x23x8cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5266
Steamed Wicker Basket /Tray - 41x30x8cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-5268
Steamed Wicker Basket /Tray - 47x36x9cm
  In stock, immediate despatch
SKU: 77-3506
Wicker Cup and Saucer - 20cmx10cm - SMALL
  Incoming, 120-150 days
SKU: 77-3530
Wicker Cup and Saucer - 30cmx14cm - MEDIUM
  In stock, immediate despatch

Page 1 of 1:    17 Items

Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Re-usable. Recyclable. Compostable.

Wicker Baskets are such a common sight in our lives that it's easy to forget what a wonderful product they are. An age-old craft, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt over 5000 years ago, the weaving of pliable reeds was used to create furniture such as chairs, tables, chests, and baskets. Reeds were incredibly useful as the material is flexible, and sturdy but also lightweight. Traditionally wicker has been the most common plant, however others like Willow, Rattan, and Bamboo are also very popular.

Today we still enjoy the benefits of these wonderful products in our homes, from storage baskets in our kitchens, laundry baskets in our bathrooms, pet beds for our cats and dogs, over-handle baskets for shopping, stair baskets to carry things up, waste baskets in every room and trugs to use in our gardens. Often they are woven with a distinctive pattern or the wicker can be stained or painted to match the surrounding decor.

The versatility of wicker baskets is endless. Unsurprisingly, they easily lend themselves to gift hampers. Often chosen for their durability and strength, once the initial gifts have been removed and enjoyed, the secondary options are huge. By choosing a shallow wicker tray, you are firstly showing the gifts inside, then it can be repurposed for a drawer tray for organisation. A lidded hamper basket can be used for picnics on a summer's day, along with a blanket for a lazy afternoon, or perhaps under-bed storage. A large rectangular storage basket painted white with a gingham lining can be used for nursery storage for all the essentials a new baby brings. A shopper basket filled with fruit, cheese & wine can easily be used again and again in the local farm shop rather than filling a carrier bag.
Every time a basket is used as a vessel for a Gift Hamper, it will live on, as a keepsake long after the contents have been used.

Types of wicker baskets for gift giving

When it comes to wicker baskets, there is a wide variety to choose from, each suitable for different types of gift giving. Here are some popular types of wicker baskets that you can consider:

1. Small gift baskets: These compact baskets are perfect for giving small tokens of appreciation or individual items. They are ideal for occasions like birthdays, baby showers, or housewarming parties. You can fill them with items like scented candles, bath products, or gourmet chocolates.

2. Picnic baskets: Picnic baskets are larger wicker baskets designed for outdoor gatherings and adventures. They often come with compartments and straps to hold plates, cutlery, and food containers. Picnic baskets make excellent gifts for nature lovers or couples who enjoy spending time outdoors.

3. Hamper baskets: Hamper baskets are larger, deeper wicker baskets that are perfect for creating impressive gift hampers. They offer ample space to include multiple items, such as wine bottles, gourmet snacks, or spa products. Hamper baskets are ideal for occasions like holidays, anniversaries, or corporate gifting.

4. Storage baskets: Wicker storage baskets are not only practical but also make great gifts. They can be used to organize and store various items, such as toys, blankets, or magazines. Storage baskets are versatile gifts that can be appreciated in any home or office setting.

These are just a few examples of the types of wicker baskets available for gift giving. Depending on the occasion and the recipient's preferences, you can choose the perfect wicker basket to create a memorable and sustainable gift.