SKU:  34-2000

Kraft Takeaway Boxes (pk30) - 215x155x48mmm

Kraft Takeaway Boxes (pk30) - 215x155x48mmm
 Kraft Takeaway Boxes (pk30) - 215x155x48mmmKraft Takeaway Boxes (pk30) - 215x155x48mmm 
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Pack of 30 kraft takeaway boxes measuring 215mm x 155mm x 48mm high. They are a fantastic eco friendly packaging option, simply fill with plenty of sweets, chocolates or gifts! They are slightly tapered so will stack inside each other saving space. The lid consists of 4 flaps securing goods or food inside. The boxes can hold wet, dry, hot or cold foods so are ideal for any catering requirements. 

What makes them eco-friendly? These boxes can be fully recycled (providing they are free from food debris. Surface staining is acceptable although please refer to your local recycling guidelines). The boxes are also completely commercially compostable which means that the material can naturally break down into harmless organic matter in a maximum of 90 days when in a compost environment - the ideal eco-friendly disposal method.

SKU:  34-2000
Colour:  Glossy Black
Length:  229mm
Width:  229mm
Height:  38mm
Eco-Friendly:  Yes
Biodegradable:  Yes
Recyclable:  Yes